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We live in a digital age. Much of our world is online, and yet the most powerful symbol of love is still a diamond ring, an outdated tradition that can only be seen from a few feet away. Now there's a deeper way to connect online and to demonstrate love and commitment in our digital relationships.

eDiamond is the definitive digital product to make a couple’s online relationship even better. Whether together or apart, in an argument, or just looking for a different way to say, “I love you.” You can strengthen your relationship and affirm your love with a gift of eDiamonds.

Celebrate your love. Show it with eDiamonds.

How it works


Purchase eDiamonds in App or official web site .


It's easy to send eDiamonds to your loved one.
Send and receive eDiamonds through the eDiamond Android app.


Once your love accepts your eDiamond, you will be verified as a committed couple. At this point, neither you or your significant other will be able to send eDiamonds to another party.


If you end your relationship, you do so by going into the app or website and choosing to break up.

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Bitcoin, a trusted and recognized form of currency worldwide created a new era of digital assets that can be easily traded among individuals. However, Bitcoin does not have an emotional or special occasion value that eDiamonds can offer couples.

eDiamond is a unique digital way to display your love and commitment to your significant other. eDiamonds are a digital asset, built on a blockchain protocol, designed to showcase the love you work so hard to preserve both online and off. A couple who uses eDiamonds expresses to the world that they are fully committed and building a life together.

eDiamonds is the vision and creation of well-known leaders in the tech and finance community.
Mr. Mu YanCEO
Mu Yan is the CEO of eDiamond.love, the first blockchain-based virtual gift system in the world. Yan was co-founder of baihe.com, China's largest site for those seeking serious relationships.
  • Mr. Li MingyuanProduct Advisor

    Li is the former VP of Baidu and the youngest VP in Baidu's history. He oversees the mobile and cloud services.

  • Mr. David WeiTechnology Advisor

    Wei is the Global VP of Engineering at Facebook. He has a BA of Computer Science from Tsinghua University and a PhD of Computer Science from California Institute of Technology.

  • Ms. Zou JiLegal Advisor

    Zou is a global partner at Allen & Overy International Law Firm specializing in finance.


  • Mr. Li Xiaolai

    One of the most famous figures in the global Bitcoin world, a successful entrepreneur and investor in blockchain industry.
  • Mr. Xue Manzi

    One of the most active investors in the China Internet industry. He has invested in hundreds of Internet startups.
  • Mr. Patrick Dai

    Founder of Qtum project. He was elected as one of Forbes Magazine's Entrepreneur 30 under 30.
  • Mr. Ryan Xu

    Mr. Xu is also known as Ryan "Martian." He is the founder of HCash and one of the most influential investors in the global blockchain industry.
  • Mr. Deng Di

    Chairman of Tai Yi Yun and also the president of the China Blockchain CRA.
  • Mr. Wei Wei

    Deputy Dean of Beijing University HSBC Business School. He is an academic authority in business model research in China.
  • Mr. Lin Jiapeng

    Founder of LinkVC and an influential investor in the blockchain arena.
  • Mr. Wei Zhicheng

    He is the founder of Friend Impression, a social APP with nearly 100 million users in China.

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